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A space to communicate and heal....

Relationships, be they romantic or platonic, between spouses, partners, friends or family members, can change over time and with life events. Counselling offers a space to explore your relationship, how it may have changed, and what may need to change to make it healthy and happy again.

I work in a person-centred way with couples but also use elements from a therapeutic approach called transactional analysis. In our sessions, I will describe some models and activities that might help each person to understand better their own needs as well as those of their partner. Each person in the relationship will have time to speak and be heard. I will be actively involved in that process without taking anyone's side or judging anyone and anything I hear, unless someone is in serious danger, will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £50. As the work progresses, a preference may be to book a 90 minute session which costs £90  to ensure there is time for everyone to achieve what they want in that session.  I work with any type of relationship and follow the BACP good practice guidelines on gender, sexual and relationship diversity.

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