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How many sessions will I need?

Everyone has learned to be the person they are in a different way. This affects how they use therapy and the goal that they have for themselves within therapy. Goals may also change during the course of therapy.  These make it difficult to say how many sessions would be needed. As a very rough guide, charities often offer between 4 and 12 sessions and would anticipate some benefit for most people from this amount. At Counselling with Steve, there is no minimum or maximum numbers of sessions, and sessions can be booked at any interval a client wishes. Clients may also take a break from therapy and return at any point in the future.

What happens in a session?

What is discussed in a session is entirely up to the client - whatever you feel you need to work with at that particular time. Whatever is brought into the counselling room will be heard with empathy and without judgement. Whatever emotion is brought will be accepted and respected and you will be safe. Many clients find great relief in just being able to say something out loud to someone and to be understood. My role as a person-centred counsellor is not to offer advice or tell you what you need to do but to help you find these answers for yourself. I will do this through listening, clarifying, asking questions and offering what I feel to be important reflections on your experience and suggestions for other ways in which to view or engage with significant issues in your life.

Will anyone else find out what I've told you?

Whatever you tell me in a counselling session is strictly confidential. There are a very small number of situations where I am legally or ethically bound to break this confidentiality and I will make you aware of these at the start of our first session. As a registered member of both the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA), I am required to see another counsellor regularly to talk about my casework. While I may talk about general aspects of the therapeutic issues that arise during any particular month, the focus of such discussions is on what I am doing and experiencing in the sessions and no details which identify any client are ever discussed. This requirement is to ensure that I am always working safely and ethically with clients.

Can I contact you between sessions?

Counselling with Steve is not a crisis response service. If you require immediate or urgent help, you should contact emergency services, your g.p. or a crisis response service such as The Samaritans (Tel: 116 123).  Click here for NHS advice and here for advice on coping during a crisis. 

If you feel you need to see me again before our next scheduled appointment, please get in touch and I will book an additional session as soon as I can be available.

Do you work with couples or children?

No, I'm qualified to work with adults on a one-to-one basis.  Other therapists may be trained in couple or child work and will usually specify this on their advertisements.

Do you offer telephone or online counselling.

Yes, both of these are options and can be booked via the relevant service on the booking page. Telephone or online counselling can feel different to face to face and has some benefits but also considerations. Please read here for more information to help you decide if online or telephone counselling is the right option for you.

Where are your premises?

My therapy room is on the upper floor of Arnotdale House in Falkirk's Dollar Park. Arnotdale House has been beautifully refurbished and also has a cafe on the lower floor run by the Cyrenians Charity. It is in the middle of Dollar Park and has free parking right next to the building. It is a short walk from Falkirk Grahamston Station and Newmarket Street Bus station.  There is also a bus stop at Dollar Park.

Are your premises accessible?

Yes, there are accessible parking spaces outside Arnotdale House and a lift and to the upper floor. Please indicate when booking whether use of the lift would be necessary and I will arrange this with staff and allow extra time for your session.


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Images of entrance to Dollar Park and Arnotdale House, and parking can be found here

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